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Mineral Revenue (2019

Two seams, namely Mahuda Top seam & Mahuda Bottom seam have occurred in the mine, out of which the property in Mahuda bottom seam is alredy %url% worked as much as possible. In the rest part of the property there is presence of Jhama making it not viable to extract the seam any more.

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Further, those who are allocated the captive coal blocks face tremendous challenges in developing them due to issues relating to land acquisition, environmental and forestry clearance, to name a few. Every country has its own challenges ranging from quality of asset to legal certainty, land acquisition to clearances and approvals, logistics to plain economics, what is geomining ethical challenges to local culture. To given an example, Australia has quality assets and clear regulations but the mining and transportation costs may not make economic sense for 100 per cent import-dependent Gencos. On the other hand, Indonesia makes a lot of sense in terms of geographic proximity to India and mining and transportation costs.

what is geomining

Often the local regulations may diminish some of these advantages, for example, when restrictions are placed on sale conditions or repatriation, and in some cases, political risk may start to outweigh the advantages. Some Indian Gencos have made bad calls in acquisition of coal mines by rushing through these decisions without adequate risk assessment. The Government has taken this right initiative, of allotting captive coal mines to the specific end users like power, steel, cement and coal washing in 1993. Many Indian companies have already taken the advantage of this initiative and as many as 210 or so coal blocks have been allotted for the captive users. What is becoming a matter of concern is the delay in developing these captive coal blocks to help bridge the coal demand – supply gap. A typical example is the delay that NTPC is experiencing to develop and start a large opencast mine in Jharkhand for the past five years.

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The progress on development of captive coal has been slow for various reasons, such as delays in local approvals, inadequate internal capacity, and multiple-ownership where the awardees come with different priorities and interests. Also, the state-owned power utilities and state mineral development companies have lagged significantly, making limited progress on development of their coal blocks.

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But as the international trade and business is becoming global friendly, this must not come in the way for acquisition of coal concessions overseas. Therefore, sufficient numbers of non-coking coal washeries were not developed in the past either by CIL or the private parties. So much so, CIL has an ambitious plan to have more than 100 million tons of washed non-coking coal for power sector. The responsibility of developing the coal block as per the prescribed guidelines and milestone chart attached with the allocation letter rests entirely with the allocatee company. Further, the allocatees have to submit Bank Guarantee which remains valid at all the times till the production from the coal block reaches its peak rated capacity.

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Of the 122 coal blocks allocated from 1993 to date, less than 30 have commenced production. Thus, against the 11th Plan expectation to produce 104 MTPA coal from captive blocks, actual production is quite dismal. Even with accelerated development of captive coal segment, all forecasts suggest that India will face a wide deficit on account of rising demand. The previous round of captive coal allocation has shown that demand for captive coal outstrips availability by a wide margin. Given this, it is inevitable that end-users will look at imports and overseas acquisitions to meet future capacity. Mahuda Coal BlockMurlidih 20/21 pits MineMurlidih 20/21 pits mine in pre-nationalized period belonged to M/S Bengal Coal Company and was nationalized along with other coking coal mines in . The mine is opened with a pair of inclines and a pair of vertical shafts.

If these issues are addressed, there will be a quantum jump in the coal production through this route, which will take care of the present fuel availability crisis. The very availability of viable coal concessions, fulfilling three basic parameters such as the quantity/quality of reserves, geo-mining conditions what is geomining and techno-economic viability. Not many are left for economic exploitation in the overseas countries and those remaining are either technically challenging or economically less favourable. Yes, such risks cannot be ruled out and these will put the acquiring companies in to a sort of uncertainty.

we want to know what is current Royalty charges applicable by the Uttarakhand government on Minor Mineral Material like Stone Aggregate , River sand , Normal earth filling material for the NH Road Project in Uttarakhand state. To ensure geo-environmental protection and assisting Nature in maintaining the ecological balance during and after mining operations. To ensure safety and welfare of the people engaged in mining industry. To Persuade the youtube video competition in mineral industry through optimum use of mineral potential. Maintaining and collecting mineral based data and providing mineral map to entrepreneurs and for mineral exploration and subsequent eco-friendly exploitation of the mineral resources of the State. Processing of Mineral Concession Applications, monitoring of royalty, periodical revision of minor mineral royalties, and the related legal aspects are also looked after.

what is geomining

Geology and Mining unit of Uttarakhand is a separate body of Uttarakhand Government which comes under the administrative control of the Department of the Industrial Development of government of Uttarakhand. The Headquarter of Geology and geomining unit is situated in Dehradun. It has two regional offices one in Garhwal division and other one in Kumaon division. Coal Ministry has said it is not in favour of framing any policy for allotment of alternate mines at present. The MoEF has accorded ‘green signal’ to OIL’s proposed exploration activities in KG-ONN-2004/1 block in the Krishna-Godavari basin. Against a backdrop of concerns over environmental degradation, the Coal Ministry announced modified guidelines for mines closure with stricter provisions that provide for reclamation work in a phased manner. Goyal said that against the output target of 37.600 million tonnes from the underground mines in the last fiscal, Coal India produced 35.042 MT.

In this, the students were given a piece of land, which was to be surveyed by the participants. The what is geomining much-awaited geo-mining fest of NIT Rourkela, Minare started with a bang on the 6th of March.

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Quality is one of the many parameters that go into a Gencos’ decision to acquire coal mines. The quality aspect can be effectively reduced to cost, and so is easily modelled.

what is geomining

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Further, the Government itself has been advising utilities to import coal, given local supply limitations. For example, coastal power plants are advised to expect only 70 percent of their normative coal requirement. Further, domestic Fuel Supply Agreements for new projects with long-term linkage commercially assure only 50 percent of contracted quantity and the liability for under-delivery is capped at 10 percent. This increases the financing risk for commercial plants and overseas mines are increasingly an important part of the strategy. Coal sourcing is a key strategy for companies in a tariff sensitive power market like India.

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Members are aware, the Eighth plan, as recently approved envisages an addition of 30,538 megawatt during the Plan period. Out of this, 17,680 megawatt is in the State sector which incoudes a cpacity of 2,810 megawatt in the private sector for which what is geomining no public sector routlay is provided. It is, however, epxected that about 3,000 megawatt of additional capacity will materialise over and above what has already been envisaged as indicated above in the private sector during the Plan period.

Since then the mine is pursuing PSLW technology and has become the centre for developing skill and aptitude for mechanized mining methods. According to the guidelines of the director general of mine safety , land excavated for open-cast mines is to be filled with incombustible material after completion of mining operations and restored to the original level within three months. Voids created by excavation in the quarry are to be simultaneously filled with coal extraction. It has not helped that legislative changes in mining countries and differing interpretation over issues such as transfer pricing and production sharing and the absence of implementing regulations have come at the same time. Then, estimation of coal reserves and valuation, have been a usual bug-bear and many transactions fall through when these could not be supported. The company’s clarity on its objectives is also important and those of them with a clear visibility of end-use are better able to address the remaining challenges in negotiations to clinch the deal.

After effectively sealing off the fire, HT pumping in multiple stages were resumed and after dewatering, the mine is at present all set to resume production from mid of July,2010. Only from 1st April, 2010 the mine has been switched over to loader-less by introducing one set of low height SDL machine as an intermediary stage in Pathergoria B seam, though this low height SDL is also a mismatch in relation to the very low thickness of the seam. This has prompted to think of a more suitable technology and Continuous Miner compatible for thin seam and comparatively steep gradient condition is being considered for the mine. Till Sept,2006 Mahuda top seam (Gelogical-III seam; Gradient 1 in 3.4) was being worked by Inclines 14 & 15, whereas Mahuda Bottom seam (Geological- 0 seam with gradient 1 in 3.0 ) was being worked by another pair of inclines- namely inclines No. 17 & 18.

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