What you should know: Air passenger rights in the EU – what you should know

What you should know: Air passenger rights in the EU – what you should know

Is the cheap flight to Paris really cheap?

When booking a cheap flight to Paris, make sure that it is really a cheap flight. Serious flight comparison portals show the total price for the ticket in their search results, in which all fees such as kerosene tax, airport tax, etc. are already included. But this is not the case with every offer on the Internet.

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Many of the so-called “low-cost airlines” do not actually include services that are taken for granted, and an additional fee has to be paid for each piece of checked baggage. Also make sure that meals are included on board and take this into account when planning your trip.

The new mega airport in Istanbul is a prestige project by President Erdogan. But 32 workers have already died on the construction site. The Turkish government not only rejects the allegations made by critics, but it also downplays the number of victims.

After the death of dozen of workers on the construction site of the new airport in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, the construction union criticized the working conditions and called for improvements. "The entire team, from management personnel to simple workers, is exposed to incredible production pressure" said Özgür Karabulut, chairman of the government-critical union Dev-Yapi-Is, the German press agency.

Most accidents, often fatal, are the result of the pressure to work as quickly as possible. The government must take more precautions for the safety of workers, he said. According to the union, at least 32 workers have died on the construction site so far. According to Karabulut, the main causes of accidents are falls from heights and accidents with building rubble trucks.

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The Turkish government speaks of 27 workers who were killed on the construction site. She rejects the union’s allegations. More than 30,000 people work on the large construction site. The new mega airport is a prestige project of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is scheduled to go into operation on Republic Day on October 29th. Construction started in June 2014

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To stop global warming, humanity must change its behavior. If you pay attention to two things when shopping, you can make an important contribution to protecting the environment.

In order to curb global warming, according to analyzes by an independent US think tank, mankind must also change their eating habits and eat less meat.

Population will rise to ten billion

The World Resources Institute (WRI) points out that with the expected population growth to almost ten billion people in 2050, the demand for food will also increase by a good 50 percent – and that for meat from beef, sheep and goat by as much as 88 percent . A tip is therefore to consume less or no meat products at all. 

In addition to increasing productivity in agriculture and more vegetarian nutrition, it is also necessary to reduce demand – for example by means of less food waste. In Germany, for example, each of us throws away at least 55 kilograms of food every year. The second tip is to plan your purchases better. In this way you avoid bad purchases that end up in the trash. 

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The cultivation of biofuels must not continue to grow

According to this study, the cultivation of biofuels may not continue to grow either. The institute points out that half of all undeveloped areas are already used for agriculture. This area cultivated by farmers would have to grow by around 593 million hectares – twice the area of ​​India – in order to feed the ten billion people on earth in 2050 with constant crop yields. According to WRI, the agricultural sector emits around a third of all climate-damaging greenhouse gases worldwide.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Ten days to Thailand and a weekend to Rome? Anyone who is serious about climate protection should refrain from doing so. Actually, we should all fly a lot less, but traveling is just too important to us. A dilemma.

The temperature rise is to be limited to two degrees this century. That is the stated goal of the world community. In order for this to succeed, only around two tons of CO2 per capita should be emitted annually in 2050. In fact, in Germany there are currently 9.6 tons per capita and 10.9 tons in total if you add up all greenhouse gases. These are figures from the Federal Environment Agency. But: a flight from Düsseldorf to New York and back already produces 3.65 tons of CO2.

Polluter airplane

Nothing harms the climate as much as flying. If you really care about the environment, you should avoid a two-week trip to Thailand or a city trip to New York. Tyrol instead of the tropics, Wangerooge instead of the wide world. It would be the end of travel as we know it.

Does CO2 compensation help?

The vacationer also has the option of offsetting the CO2 emitted by a flight. You pay a contribution to an organization like Atmosfair, which puts the money into certified greenhouse gas-reducing investments, especially in developing countries. What the consumer emits is saved elsewhere. That sounds good at first – but it’s not enough.

"Waiver is always the first choice" emphasizes Sabine Minninger, advisor for climate policy at the Evangelical Development Service Bread for the World. "If that doesn’t work, CO2 compensation makes perfect sense and is better than doing nothing." So fly less: It sounds so easy and yet it is so difficult.

Globalization and personal freedoms

Odette Deuber from the non-profit organization Klimaktiv knows about the dilemma: "I cannot and will not forbid anything to anyone." Globalization and the networking of people have something absolutely positive. "You travel to other countries and think outside the box. To say now that flying is no longer possible, I don’t think that makes sense either."

Few stands for personal freedom like flying. And vacation trips have become even more important for individuals in recent years, believes Peter Wippermann from Trendbüro Hamburg. "We are observing a change in values, away from the product world and towards the world of experience." In other words, long-distance travel is a more important status symbol than the car for many today.

But isn’t there an eco-trend? Isn’t there a consensus on environmental protection? Germans also buy organic food. Deuber puts it into perspective: "Diet has a lot to do with your own health. These are rather selfish reasons. In addition, nutrition has become a lifestyle." Vegan is hip, but not flying is not. "Many environmentally conscious people limit themselves in everyday life, but they turn a blind eye when flying."

Where are technical innovations?

Excuses come to mind immediately. One can conveniently refer to everyone else who also flies. According to the motto: The planes take off anyway. And unlike in the supermarket, the consumer has no choice when it comes to flying: the emissions cannot be avoided. Technical innovations have to come from aircraft manufacturers.

Little interest in compensation

The vast majority of travelers are not even willing to pay an environmental tax. Minninger knows that less than every hundredth passenger compensates for his flight. The major tour operators also say that the customer is not interested in compensation. The money is better saved or spent on vacation.

Wippermann assumes that people will be flying more often in the future. "You can buy an japaneese bride only do an indulgence trade" says the researcher on the subject of compensation. Minninger sees it differently: "CO2 compensation is not a trade in indulgences, but an important contribution to sustainable development." But there are not so many climate projects in the world that all flights can be offset.

Tourism brings prosperity

It is unlikely that the employee at the travel agency advises the vacationer against long-distance travel for environmental reasons. But shouldn’t that be the advice? The German Travel Association (DRV) cannot sign this. The industry is the focus "the triad of ecological, economic and social responsibility". One shouldn’t just concentrate on climate protection. Tourism ensures an economic upswing in the target areas, which brings prosperity and educational opportunities for the population.

Emission-free flying is still a long way off

As a vacationer, relying on innovations in aircraft construction is just as optimistic. Research is being carried out into emission-free flying. But this type of flight will be a long time coming, according to the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Prof. Andreas Strohmayer from the Institute for Aircraft Construction at the University of Stuttgart refers to the lack of political will. "Investments cost money and are not profitable." The major aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing will not change anything of their own accord.

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What can the individual vacationer do? The experts agree: simply fly less. If it should be Mallorca, it is better to travel once and for longer. Or just Tyrol instead of the tropics.

Especially when traveling, they are annoying: flight delays. An exclusive investigation for t-online.de shows which airports you have to wait for particularly often. 

At Germany’s three largest airports, almost a third of the flights are delayed. This is shown by an analysis by Myflyright *, a start-up for air passenger rights that is exclusively available to t-online.de. It also becomes clear that it is not the low-cost airlines that often depart too late. 

Fewer irregularities despite more passengers

The frequent inconveniences are annoying for more and more people in Germany. Because despite the climate demonstrations, alleged flight shame and poor CO2 balance sheets of air travel: Flying is becoming more and more important in this country. The number of air passengers increased by almost 5 percent in the first half of 2019 compared to the same period in the previous year. 

Flight irregularities: Overall, the number of cancellations and delays has decreased by almost a third in the comparison period. (Source: t-online)

Despite the increasing number of passengers, flight irregularities have decreased over the same period. The number of passengers who had to accept flight delays of more than three hours has almost halved from 1,472,000 to 748,000. In the first half of 2019 there were also around 16 percent fewer passengers who were affected by flight cancellations than in the same period a year earlier. 

Which German airports have the most delays

At Düsseldorf International Airport in 1.

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