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From 1922 to 1930, Baku was the venue for one of many major Trade festivals of the Soviet Union, serving as a business bridgehead to Iran and the Middle East. The independence of the Azerbaijani republic was significant but a short-lived chapter. On 28 April 1920, the eleventh Red Army invaded Baku and reinstalled the Bolsheviks, making Baku the capital of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. After the Battle of Baku, the Azerbaijani irregular troops, with the tacit help of the Turkish command, carried out 4 days of pillaging and killing of 10,000 to 30,000 of the Armenian residents of Baku.

During World War II and the Nazi German invasion of the southwestern Soviet Union, Baku had turn into of important strategic importance. In truth, capturing the oil fields of Baku was one of the ultimate goals of Operation Edelweiss, carried out between May and November 1942. However, the German Army’s closest method to Baku was no nearer than some 530 kilometres northwest of Baku in November 1942, falling far wanting town’s capture before being driven back in the course of the Soviet Operation Little Saturn in mid-December 1942.

By 1730, the scenario had deteriorated for the Russians; the successes of Nader Shah (r. 1736–1747) compelled them to make an settlement close to Ganja on 10 March 1735, ceding town and all different conquered territories within the Caucasus again to Iran. At this time the town was enclosed within the traces of strong walls, which were washed by the sea on one aspect and protected by a large trench on land. The Ottomans briefly gained management over Baku because of the Ottoman-Safavid War of 1578–1590; by 1607, it was again put underneath Iranian control.


By the early 16th century Baku’s wealth and strategic position attracted the focus of its bigger neighbours; in the previous two centuries, it was under the rule of the in Iran-centred Kara Koyunlu and Ak Koyunlu. The fall of the Ak Koyunlu introduced azerbaijan girl the city instantly into the sphere of the newly fashioned Iranian Safavid dynasty, led by king Ismail I (r. 1501–1524).

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As a end result, Baku played an excellent function in many branches of Soviet life. Since about 1921, the town was headed by Baku City Executive Committee, commonly known in Russian as Bakgorispolkom. Together with Baku Party Committee , it developed the economic significance of the Caspian metropolis.

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At the identical time Baku is famous as a really windy city throughout the year, hence the city’s nickname the “City of Winds”, and gale-pressure winds, the chilly northern wind khazri and the warm southern wind gilavar are typical right here in all seasons. Indeed, the city is renowned for its fierce winter snow storms and harsh winds.The velocity of the khazri generally reaches 144 km/h , which might trigger damage to crops, trees and roof tiles. In the neighborhood of the town there are a number of mud volcanoes (Keyraki, Bogkh-bogkha, Lokbatan and others) and salt lakes . After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Baku launched into a strategy of restructuring on a scale unseen in its historical past. Thousands of buildings from the Soviet period have been demolished to make means for a inexperienced belt on its shores; parks and gardens have been built on the land reclaimed by filling up the seashores of the Baku Bay.

It was ruled by Mirza Muhammed Khan but soon turned a dependency of the much stronger Quba Khanate. During this time, the inhabitants of Baku was small , and the financial system was ruined on account of constant warfare. In the wake of the demise of the Safavids, the Russians took benefit of the scenario and invaded; the Safavids had been compelled to cede Baku to Russia for a number of years.

Zubov had despatched 13,000 men to seize Baku, and it was overrun subsequently without any resistance. On 13 June 1796, a Russian flotilla entered Baku Bay, and a garrison of Russian troops was placed inside the city. Later, however, Pavel I ordered the cessation of the campaign and the withdrawal of Russian forces following his predecessor, Catherine the Great’s death. In March 1797, the tsarist troops left Baku and town grew to become part of Qajar Iran once more. The eruption of instability following Nader Shah’s dying gave rise to the varied Caucasian khanates.

Improvements had been made within the common cleansing, maintenance, and rubbish collection, and these services are actually at Western European standards. The city is growing dynamically and growing at full speed on an east–west axis along the shores of the Caspian Sea. Baku’s growing significance as a serious power hub remained in sight of the main powers.

Shortly after this, Baku was proclaimed the new capital of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. From the late 18th century, Imperial Russia switched to a extra aggressive geopolitical stance in the direction of its two neighbours and rivals to the south, namely Iran and the Ottoman Empire. In the spring of 1796, by Catherine II’s order, General Valerian Zubov’s troops began a big marketing campaign towards Qajar Persia.

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Ismail I laid siege to Baku in 1501 and captured it; he allowed the Shirvanshahs to remain in power, under Safavid suzerainty. His successor, king Tahmasp I (r. 1524–1576), utterly removed the Shirvanshahs from power, and made Baku part of the Shirvan province. Baku remained as an integral part of his empire and the successive Iranian dynasties to come for the following centuries, till the irrevocable cession in the first half of the nineteenth century. The House of Shirvan, who dominated Baku for the reason that ninth century, was extinguished in the midst of the Safavid rule.

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