My goal is that we take all children with us

My goal is that we take all children with us

But half an hour before it would have happened, Kaia was born “naturally,” says Anna Schürrle. Her husband André sums it up: “It was fantastic to see what Anna has achieved.” He also explains that his sweetheart is slowly “returning to her old cool”.

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André Schürrle was on the pitch with the German national soccer team at the 2014 World Cup and prepared the winning goal for Mario Götze in the final. Schürrle played for Borussia Dortmund until 2018. BVB loaned it to Fulham FC and finally to Spartak Moscow. Wife Anna and daughter Kaia currently live in Berlin. “It’s a difficult situation for me,” explains Schürrle.

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André Schürrle and Anna Sharypova have only just revealed that they have secretly married. Now there is still good news: The couple are expecting offspring for the first time. 

In December, the star kicker and the model got married in Ludwigshafen. Now André Schürrle and Anna Sharypova make their love perfect with a child. The 30-year-old reveals to the magazine “Vogue”: “A child is growing in me.” The mother-to-be leaves open whether the pregnancy was planned. 

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“Planned or not, in the first seconds of certainty there are overwhelming feelings: Joy and fear were equally present,” she explains. But then she and André would have cried for joy. Anna reveals about her pregnancy: “Thanks to my balanced diet, I have had a very uncomplicated pregnancy so far. Tiredness, nausea and cravings are still constant companions, although it varies from trimester to trimester.”

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Fresh ginger tea helps her against nausea, for example. Try to satisfy cravings with healthy herbal alternatives. And how is the father-to-be? “He is very much looking forward to our future with three people and to becoming a dad. For him it is also a completely new and exciting experience,” said André Schürrle’s wife. But until then, they both want to enjoy their togetherness to the full. 

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New York (AP) – According to the US model Nicky Hilton (36), shaking hands as a social convention will be completely abolished by the corona crisis. “I think we’ll just let that be complete in the future,” said Hilton of the New York Times in an interview published on Sunday.

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Don’t be sad about it. “As a society, we have become far too focused on physical contact, that is not necessary.”

She currently spends the days with her husband James Rothschild and their two children at home near the metropolis of New York, said the sister of Paris Hilton and great-granddaughter of the hotel founder Conrad Hilton (1887-1979). She enjoys spending so much time with family. “This seclusion has been great for our marriage so far.” And she is currently cleaning the house herself – but that is a challenge, Hilton admitted.

Brussels (dpa) – Sustainable investments to meet the Paris climate targets will be promoted more in the EU in the future. Negotiators from the European Parliament and the EU states agreed in Brussels on new rules.

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The European Union has set itself the goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. With this, she wants to implement commitments from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. According to estimates by the EU Commission, around 180 billion euros would have to be invested in a climate-friendly manner each year.

In the future, a “Paris label” will be used to identify investments that are in line with the climate agreement. To this end, experts are now to compile a list of companies who can prove that they are complying with the 1.5 degree target of the agreement. The Paris Agreement provides for global warming to be limited to one and a half degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era.

“The transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy requires that we rethink business activities and investments,” said Romanian Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici. Romania currently holds the presidency among the EU countries. “In the future it will be easier for investors to choose climate-friendly projects.” The deal has yet to be formally adopted before it can enter into force.

Bonnie Strange suffers from aphantasia. That is, she cannot imagine or recall anything. She now revealed this on Instagram and explained how this realization feels to her.

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On the night from Sunday to Monday, Bonnie Strange reported to her Instagram followers with a rather serious topic: She is “inside blind”. She typed these two words on a black background. She wrote a long text about her state of health.

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Bonnie Strange suffers from aphantasy, as the 33-year-old told her fans. She wrote: “The way I see my ‘ideas’ is not that of most. I don’t see my memories, I think them.” She cannot see images when she remembers something, she only sees emptiness. Bonnie couldn’t even recall the faces of her friends.

“I couldn’t do this in my whole life”

“I haven’t been able to do this in my entire life,” she said of her lack of imagination. “Until yesterday I thought that all people ‘see’ things like me. But obviously most of you lucky people have a party in your imagination,” she continued, describing her aphantasy. In her story, she explained that she had dealt intensively with the subject. Her conclusion: “I felt a bit trapped in my brain yesterday. I was so sad because I thought: Great, everyone else has such great superpower.”

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Aphantasia is a disruption in the processing of visual stimuli. This is caused by damage to the visual center. There is no therapy, but cognitive training should be able to help activate imagination.

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Berlin (dpa) – Germany’s First Lady Elke Büdenbender has called for more educational justice to be created. The still close connection between social origin and educational path must be decoupled, said the wife of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an interview with the German Press Agency. She called the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg an “impressive young woman” who is moving a lot.

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Question: Ms. Büdenbender, half of your husband’s term of office is up. This of course also applies to you. How were these two and a half years from your point of view?

Answer: Good, really good. So far – and I think it will be the same in the future – it has been an incredibly exciting experience, an enriching task. In my life, too, I would not have expected that I would be lucky enough to have such special experiences. I consider that a special privilege.

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Question: What are your priorities?

Answer: Education – that is a real life issue for me. My goal is that we take all children with us. I want parents and children to approach career choices without prejudice and to be more open to different training and career paths. I also want to draw attention to where we women are right now – in politics, business, education and digitization. And I like to bring people together. I have become particularly aware over the past few years how much I enjoy it.

Question: Keyword education: The latest Pisa study has shown again that educational opportunities in this country depend heavily on social origin. Do you have an explanation for why that just doesn’t change?

Answer: I can’t really explain it to myself either. Because there are actually many ways to get financial support for children who may not be financially well off from their parents’ home, i.e. student grants or student grants. But nobody can deny that social origin is still closely linked to the question of how far and where the educational path leads you. We have to manage to decouple this connection.

Question: What do you have to do for this?

Answer: We have to support parents, for example, who cannot even imagine that their child is talented for another educational path or for other professions and topics. We have to support and encourage children who come from the so-called educationally disadvantaged classes to go their own way. And I believe our school landscape needs to become more open and diverse.

Question: What does that mean?

Answer: That means we shouldn’t get stuck with certain types of schools. For some children the classic school system is good, for other children it is better if they go to schools with a special focus, for example arts, or in an all-day school, where they can do homework in the afternoons if necessary. We have to think more diverse. But I also know that this is difficult to finance for the municipalities as school authorities.

Question: Doesn’t it have to start before school?

Answer: Yes, it starts much earlier – daycare is a very important component in children’s education. Children learn to get along with one another there. You will learn to develop fine motor skills. You learn to compromise. And they learn to move in groups. Actually, it would be good if the children brought all of this to school with them. That’s why I always strongly promote preschool education for children. Of course there are parents who have reservations about this, and you shouldn’t force anyone.

Question: On another topic: You travel a lot with your husband, in planes that are not always full. Do you sometimes feel something like flight shame?

Answer: For various reasons, there is no real alternative to these flights. I myself travel a lot by train for my private life, but also for my job. I do this not only for environmental reasons, but also because I just find it so much more pleasant. I really enjoy taking the train with my family, which is six or seven hours, for example on vacation. And when I’m on the train, I have little need to talk. Most of all I want to read.

Question: Do you then put the bag on the seat next to you to have some rest?

Answer: I’m not that mean.

Question: How do you keep flying privately?

Answer: I avoid it. By the way, you can also travel very easily through Europe by train. I can highly recommend this. I’ve just booked for spring: Paris there and back, by train, 1st class for 110 euros – not as expensive as you would think, but of course it takes a long time.

Question: What do you think of the Fridays for Future student demos?

Answer: I think it’s very good when young people get involved in their cause and take to the streets again. That applies to many topics. What I also love is when children do something for other children, such as the children’s aid organization “Children for a better world”. I met elementary school children there who cooked for their friends in the refugee home once or twice a month.

Question: Would you have been part of Fridays for Future earlier?

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