The police stopped a drunk wrong-way driver on Autobahn 81 near Rottweil

The police stopped a drunk wrong-way driver on Autobahn 81 near Rottweil

It was initially unclear whether the man was drunk, as he had vehemently opposed a breath alcohol test. Finally, blood samples were taken from the couple that have yet to be evaluated. Both are being investigated – among other things because of resistance, release of prisoners, insults and threats. Sources used: dpa news agency

In Baden-Württemberg, a car with two occupants had an accident while fleeing from the police. The car hit a wall head-on. The passenger died on the spot.

In a pursuit by the police on Saturday evening in Baden-Württemberg, a vehicle went off the road and the 31-year-old passenger died. The car was driving out of town in Schiltach in the Rottweil district, as the police announced. When the two inmates saw the police patrol, they reportedly turned back. Since the vehicle was traveling without a license plate, the patrol followed with blue lights and a siren.

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When turning, the 29-year-old driver got off the road with his car and hit a wall head-on, it said. The 31-year-old passenger died at the scene of the accident, the seriously injured driver was taken to the hospital in a rescue helicopter.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Rottweil (dpa) – A bloody act with an announcement: The knife attack in the job center in Rottweil was announced by the alleged perpetrator on the Internet. "I’m going to kill a person from the job center tomorrow", the 58-year-old spread the short message service Twitter.

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The spokesman for the Rottweiler public prosecutor’s office, Frank Grundke, said on Friday. According to the investigation, the suspect had seriously injured a 50-year-old employee with a knife during an appointment in an office on the seventh floor on Thursday.

The woman was brought to a clinic in a rescue helicopter for emergency surgery. At first she could not be questioned. The suspect with German citizenship was arrested in the job center without resistance. After the attack, he told the employees there that they could call the police, it said.

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Investigators secured the murder weapon. A judge issued an arrest warrant on Friday for attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm. The man has not yet commented on the allegations, the investigating authorities said.

If the police had been made aware of the 58-year-old’s tweet, it would have triggered an operation immediately, said a spokesman. The police direct in such cases immediately "Countermeasures and security measures" a. The police ask that you always report such threats on Twitter or other social media.

Even the publication of such a tweet is a disturbance of the public peace by threatening a criminal offense. According to Section 126 of the Criminal Code, the threat of serious bodily harm, robbery or murder can be punished with a prison sentence of up to three years. The man’s Twitter account has now been blocked.

In order to improve the safety of their employees, according to the Federal Labor Office (BA), the job centers have already increased their expenses for security services significantly in the recent past. Last year, the BA spent 19.7 million euros on the 302 job centers operated jointly with municipalities, around three times more than in 2011, as a BA spokesman said on request on Friday. The business magazine previously reported "Business Insider" about that.

There had already been a knife attack in an authority in the Rottweil district last March. A then 25-year-old had stabbed the treasurer of the Schramberg town hall and seriously injured him. The guilty man was taken to a psychiatric clinic.

In mid-December, an employee of the city of Cologne was stabbed to death on a home visit while trying to collect money for the enforcement agency. When he and a colleague rang the doorbell of a house, a resident opened it and stabbed it immediately. After the attack, the man was placed in a mental hospital.

The police stopped a drunk wrong-way driver on Autobahn 81 near Rottweil. According to information from Wednesday, the 27-year-old was heading for Singen and was on the wrong track. Several witnesses reported the driver to the police early in the morning. Police cars stopped the car a few minutes later at the Rottweil junction. During the inspection, the officers noticed that the man from the Rhein-Neckar district was drunk. According to the police, he couldn’t remember anything. The 27-year-old had to give a blood sample and his driver’s license.

The police have tracked down a suspected blackmailer who is said to have put companies and authorities under pressure with numerous letters and high monetary demands. The so far silent 32-year-old man from the Tuttlingen district is suspected of having been active since last December, especially in the Zollernalb district, the Schwarzwald-Baar district, the Rottweil district and the Tuttlingen district, such as the Rottweil criminal police department and the Baden- Wuerttemberg State Criminal Police Office announced on Friday. The man has been in custody since mid-January.

According to the police, the circle of alleged victims could expand: there are similarities to other cases not only in Baden-Württemberg, but also in other federal states.

When two cars collided on a federal road in Rottweil, three people were seriously injured on Saturday. A 37-year-old motorist got into the opposite lane in a curve because he nodded off briefly, the police said on Sunday. The 57-year-old driver of an oncoming car, his passengers and the 37-year-old were injured in the collision. A rescue helicopter was in action. The federal road was completely closed for several hours for rescue and recovery work.

A 31-year-old motorcyclist died in Rottweil because of an unsuccessful overtaking maneuver. According to the police on Sunday, the two-wheeler probably noticed an oncoming car too late while overtaking, made an emergency stop, lost control of his vehicle and collided with the car. He died later at the accident site. The 35-year-old driver was slightly injured on Saturday afternoon.

A 78-year-old driver suffered a sudden heart attack on Monday. As the police announced on Thursday, the man’s car initially rolled on in the parking lot of a supermarket, brushed against a site fence and several vehicles. The vehicle came to a stop on an incline. The 78-year-old received emergency medical care immediately. He died on the way to the hospital. The accident in Rottweil caused damage of around 30,000 euros.

In a head-on collision on federal highway 462 in the Rottweil district, five people were seriously injured on Sunday. A 69-year-old was driving from Schramberg in the direction of Rottweil when he got into the oncoming lane at the end of a left-hand bend for an unexplained reason, the police said. He collided head-on with an oncoming convertible. His 59-year-old driver, his 74-year-old passenger and a passenger (57) were seriously injured. The 69-year-old who caused the accident and his co-driver of the same age also suffered serious injuries. Both cars were total losses

The accident occurred on Sunday afternoon between the Lackendorf junction and Zimmer. The federal road was then closed in both directions. The lockdown continued in the evening.

In order to improve the safety of their employees, the job centers have significantly increased their expenses for security services. Last year, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) spent 19.7 million euros on the 302 job centers operated jointly with municipalities – that’s around three times more than in 2011. At that time, the expenditures amounted to 6.4 million euros, like a BA Spokesman on Friday said on request. The business magazine previously reported "Business Insider" about that. The BA did not have any figures for the approximately 100 other job centers that are solely owned by municipalities, the spokesman said.

On Thursday, a 58-year-old had attacked and seriously injured an employee with a knife in the job center in Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg, where he had attended an appointment. He was arrested on site and should be brought before the judge on Friday. The 50-year-old woman was taken to a clinic by rescue helicopter.

The suspect with German citizenship had previously announced the act on the Internet. The "picture"-The newspaper had reported about it. "I’m going to kill a person from the job center tomorrow", the 58-year-old spread in the short message service Twitter, said the spokesman for the Rottweiler public prosecutor, Frank Grundke, on Friday. A judge issued an arrest warrant on Friday. The allegations are attempted murder and dangerous physical harm. The man has not yet commented on the allegations, it said.

Attacks on job center employees happen again and again: According to a response by the federal government to a request from the FDP parliamentary group, there have been two attacks on job center employees since 2012 that ended fatally. In addition, 12 physical injuries, 22 threats of violence, 10 bomb threats and 9 damage to property were counted.

The actual number of attacks is probably higher because there is no general reporting requirement for job centers, as a spokeswoman for the BA said. "We do not record threats of violence that do not actually lead to physical injuries"said another BA spokeswoman.

In a court case against Heckler that started in 2016 & Koch continues the search for the gunsmith’s majority shareholder, Andreas Heeschen. It should "one more attempt will be made to […] question the witness who has not yet been summoned", announced the Rottweil regional court on Wednesday. An announcement date planned for this Friday was canceled – on this occasion the court could have stopped the proceedings. But the chamber responsible for commercial matters remains persistent. When the oral hearing will continue has not yet been determined (file number 5 O 59/16 KfH).

The proceedings concern a lawsuit by an ex-managing director of Heckler & Cook named Nicola Marinelli for information. The manager lost his job at the end of 2015. According to him, this happened because the balance of power at the armory had changed – no longer his sponsor Heeschen, but a French investor had been in charge since then. In his employment contract, Marinelli had assured himself that he would be entitled to a high severance payment in the event of a change of control.

In order to enforce his demand, the ex-boss has been trying for years to have the majority owner Heeschen summoned as a witness. But letters from the court in Switzerland and Great Britain could not be delivered. Heeschen had recently informed the press that he was not evading the court and that he had a permanent residence in Great Britain, where he was "demonstrably attainable" be. Heeschen emphasizes that it is "at no time a change in the majority shareholder of H&K AG" have given. However, it is undisputed that Heeschen has held the majority of the shares for a long time. Marinelli suspects, however, that the French investor had other financial leverage.

Once a year, people with well-trained legs and lungs take the function of the Rottweiler test tower to the point of absurdity: When running on the stairs, the participants dash up the 1390 steps inside. However, Thyssenkrupp built the tower to test high-speed elevators for skyscrapers. There are twelve shafts in it.

Otherwise, the tower especially attracts fans of huge panoramas, whose knees don’t shiver when looking down. Germany’s highest publicly accessible viewing platform is located at 232 meters. Since it opened in 2017, more than 400,000 people who are not afraid of heights have gazed across the Black Forest, Swabian Alb and the Alps.

Even lovers who wanted to go high in their marriage and be close to heaven were offered the right scenery. In 2018, a wedding couple said yes on the platform. And for Valentine’s Day Thyssenkrupp let the tower shine in red light.

The groundbreaking was in December 2014. The test tower measures a total of 246 meters – it has significantly changed the skyline of the medieval city of Rottweil. In more recent night shots, a gigantic torch stick now glows next to the city backdrop.

A man in Rottweil paid 5,000 euros for an excavator – the alleged saleswoman had only borrowed the vehicle beforehand. The 38-year-old had advertised on the Internet for the purchase of a special mini excavator, as the police announced on Thursday. The 55-year-old rented a corresponding construction machine from a vehicle rental company and drove it to the man. He paid for the vehicle in cash and signed an alleged sales contract. According to the police, he later learned by chance that the excavator was actually still owned by the rental company. The police are now investigating the 55-year-old on suspicion of fraud.

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