Unified State Exam points transfer scale

Unified State Exam points transfer scale

When checking the answers to the USE questions, primary marks are set, which are then summed up and transferred to a 100-point assessment system. 

For each task correctly completed, 1 or more points are awarded. The breakdown for different disciplines is different. 

The amount scored for all the correct answers to the CMM tasks is the primary points that are converted into test points. This is the final result, which will be marked in the USE certificate. The recalculation method according to a special formula is rather complicated, and only the primary and test scores obtained in foreign language exams completely coincide.

For the convenience of 123helpme.me translation, there is a ready-made table. Cells in purple contain score values ​​that are not sufficient to obtain a high school diploma. The values ​​highlighted in red are the minimum passing USE scores.

For more convenient use of the table, you can download it from this link.

Rosobrnadzor may make minor adjustments to the scale for converting primary points to test ones. For example, in 2018, 57 primary points in the Russian language correspond to 98 test scores, and in order to get 100 for the USE certificate, you need to get 58 in the exam. Actual tables are posted on the official website of the SIA. Rosobrnadzor orders on the approval of the methodology for calculating the minimum USE scores, in which the appendices contain complete current tables for converting primary points to test points in all subjects in the current academic year, are published on the official website of the Federal Service in the “Documents” section. The scale of 2019 is in order No. 1122-10 dated July 16, 2019 (table No. 3 of Appendix No. 2). 

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