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One of the biggest differences between live and virtual roulette is the live croupier used. Live dealer roulette games are streamed from studios with a fully functional wheel or brick and mortar casino floors to your device. Right now, all of the live dealer roulette games use and American wheel. This has both the 0 and the 00 pockets, which places you at a further disadvantage. The house’s edge in American roulette is 5.26% – nearly double the 2.7% advantage of European roulette.

If you’re new to the game then the best thing to do is keep it simple. There are many straightforward bets available that allow you to enjoy the Roulette experience while you become more confident in your play. Try sticking to straight up numbers or placing even money bets such as red/black and odd/even.

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You might also want to try practicing with our free roulette games first. The Martingale won’t change the house edge, but it will make you very likely to score a lot of small wins.

Rules Of Play Against A Casino

The trade-off is that you’ll occasionally take big losses when you lose several bets in a row. For more information on how to win at roulette, check out roulette strategy guide. One of the most important decisions you can make is to choose the right type of roulette game to play.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to improve your chances of winning. For a rundown of how you can give yourself the best odds of success, check out roulette tips and tricks from our experts. In a fair roulette game using an unbiased wheel, all numbers have an equal chance of winning on each spin. That means that whether you like the 00 or the lucky number 7, your chances of winning are exactly the same. When you first start playing roulette, we advise that you make small bets so that you can become familiar and confident with the game before increasing your stakes.

  • Perhaps because roulette moves more slowly than other casino games, players seem more inclined to use betting systems, especially on even-money bets.
  • This is actually one of the main reasons for the game being so fun to play.
  • In roulette, players can choose to bet on a single number and these bets bring the bets payouts.
  • As expected, betting on more number combinations means better winning chances.
  • No betting system can change the game’s percentages, and some systems can be financial disasters for the player.

Anyone who is new to playing online roulette should use this strategy at the beginning. In addition to roulette, you might also come across it on a couple of craps bets.

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Here, the odds are stated as “for-one” rather than “to-one” in order to give the casino a slightly better edge. In online roulette, you’re either betting on inside or outside numbers. These bets offer different odds and payouts, which we break down below.

European roulette offers a house edge of just 2.70%, while the American variant with an added double zero gives the casino a 5.26% edge. A roulette wheel consists of a large outer rim on which a ball will be spun, as well as a series of numbered pockets that the ball can fall into. These pockets are numbered between 1 and 36, with half of the pockets colored black and the other half colored red. The safest roulette bet is an outside one that covers almost 50% of the numbers in play. In other words, red/black, odd/even and low/high are the safest bets in roulette.

The diagram below illustrates where your chips are placed for each of the types of bet you can make when playing Roulette. The table explains what these bets are called, their odds and which numbers are covered by them. These bets are very popular with many players who like to play sections of the European wheel, and are explained in more detail later on in this guide. To learn more about how to play the game, as well as the many different bets available on a roulette table, please visit our Roulette Rules page. Since each spin is unpredictable, it’s true that roulette is mostly a game of luck.

What Is The Roulette House Edge?

These promotions can run weekly or monthly, and reward you just for gameplay. It’s an exciting part of online roulette, and the promotions are far better than the occasional offers you’ll get from land-based casinos. Just keep in mind that the Martingale system works best when it’s played for fun on paper and not for real money in a casino. If it was truly a winning system it would have bankrupted the world’s casinos years ago. When you play online roulette using the Martingale system, you’re doubling your wager every time you lose.

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